Basic information on Condominiums

Thinking of investing in a Condominium? Below is some basic key factors on everything you need to know.

Owning a condominium differs from owning a conventional home. There are three choices of condos that a buyer can pick from; a new condo, a resale condo and a conversion condo. Condominiums come in various sizes with diverse features, and can be found in almost every price range. 

Key factors:

  • You own a private unit. The unit is registered in your name.
  • As the owner of the individual unit, you share ownership of the common elements.
  • some common elements can be; lobbies, hallways, elevators, recreational facilities, walkways, gardens and other amenities.
  • Before you purchase your unit, it is important that you identify boundaries of common elements. Elements may also include; structural, mechanical, and electrical services.
  • Elements can also be outside the unit boundaries, but are for the sole use of the owner of a particular unit. (balconies, driveways, parking spaces, storage lockers).
  • Some condos have restrictions, such as noise and number of people living in a unit.

What do you pay for?

  • In addition for paying for your individual unit and common property; you will also pay monthly condominium fees.
  • Extra condo fees cover the upkeep, and replacement of common elements.
  • These extra fees may also cover the corporation’s insurance policies, utilities and services of snow removal.
  • A common practice is for part of the monthly fees to be put into a reserve fund to cover the estimated cost of future maintenance repairs.

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